Grocer In.gredients Coming 2610 Manor Rd

While not in Mueller, it will certainly be close.  in.gredients will be the first package-free and zero waste grocery store in the United States.  As announced on their website http://in.gredients.com/:

Hi friends,

We’re happy to announce the location of our first Austin, Texas store. We know you’ve been waiting a while for this, so we’ll cut to the chase: in.gredients’ first micro-grocer will be located at 2610 Manor Road, halfway between I-35 and Airport Blvd near Cherrywood.
We’re confident in our decision to begin growing in.gredients on East Manor. Our location at Manor and Walnut is friendly to multiple modes of alternative transportation – sitting on bike route 42, Capital Metro bus route 20 (see map), and nearby the Red Line’s MLK Station (see times).

in.gredients will also serve as the Eastside’s first exclusively healthy food store. Being close to Austin’s food desert – where corner stores selling highly-processed food are sometimes used as grocery stores – helped determine our location.

We look forward to continuing to meet our new neighbors in the Chesnut and Cherrywood neighborhoods, which border Manor Road. In the meantime, we need to finish raising the money we need to fund our rainwater collection, garden, and other related start-up costs. We’re just over two-thirds of the way there – help us make it to $15,000 (and grab the prizes while you can)!

Now that we’ve announced our location, renovations will begin on our building. There will be volunteering opportunities throughout this process. We’re so happy some of you have already signed up! Email ingredients@brotherslane.com to get on the list.