Mueller Tower Lighting Ceremony
Ralph Barrera American Statesman

Mueller Tower Lighting Ceremony

November 29, 2011

6 PM – 8 PM

It’s that time of year again.  As we enter into the (cold?) winter months, it also means that it’s time to light “NOEL” atop the old control tower here at Mueller Austin.  A little history of how this tradition began:

“The tradition of lighting NOEL atop the tower during the holidays began the year construction on the tower was completed in 1961. The “Noel Tower,” as it came to be known, was lit every year for the brief holiday season until the energy crisis in the 1970s forced the City into a period of conservation. The NOEL lights on the tower were relit in 1982 in memory of the late Colonel Murphy, a former City Aviation Director, and were lit each holiday season until the airport closed in 1999. Catellus commissioned a new NOEL display for the 2006 lighting and an additional display for the Tower¹s adjacent side in 2007.”

So, today we are in the 6th consecutive year of this tradition, which always promises a good time.  Refreshments, live music, holiday activities & loads of activities for kids.