Last night Catellus hosted a Developer Update at the Wildflower Terrace Apartments in Mueller Austin.  In the event you weren’t able to make it, here is a quick overview.  This is by no means comprehensive, but should give you a good idea of the goings on.

Catellus focused on covering density, schools & a general development update.


  • Tommy Tucker, VP of Development at Catellus announced a potential new Multi-Family Affordable Project located at Berkman Dr. & Garcia St. across from HEB Market District.
  • Project is to be developed by Diana McIver & Associates (also responsible for the Wildflower Terrrace).
  • Described as “work-force housing”, meaning smaller units 1-2 bedrooms, maybe catered towards single folks or small families, who are potentially new to the work force etc.
  • 675 units, 85% of which would be affordable.  They need to file an initial application by January 8th, after which time the project will get scored.  Until that happens we won’t know any more regarding the certainty of the project coming to fruition at Mueller Austin.


Doyle Valdez, who was on the AISD board for 8 years, together with Dee Desjardin with Catellus, presented on the hot topic of getting a school at Mueller.

  • A Northeast Austin school is in consideration for the 2013 Bond package.
  • There is an imminent need for an elementary school in Northeast Austin.
  • 7 elementary schools in the NE area will exceed 120% capacity by 2016, including Maplewood & Blanton.
  • Projected student growth in Mueller alone is 1600 by the 2016-2017 school year – that’s only 4 years from now.
  • There will LITERALLY be NO WHERE in the area for children in and around Mueller Austin to go to school.

One of the biggest things that sets us apart (hopefully!) in consideration for being named in the upcoming Bond is that there is a “shovel-ready” site.  There would be NO COST to AISD for the land and building can start at any time.  To give an example of the significance of this, there was a North Central school named on the 2008 Bond, which is finally opening August 2013 – that’s 5 years!  It took a lot of time and money for AISD to procure the land needed for the school.  We could literally get a 5-year jump-start on the process.

Please consider showing your support by attending the AISD Citizen’s Bond Advisory Committee Meetings.  The more faces and support AISD sees from Northeast Austin residents, the better – you don’t have to say anything.  There is one meeting TONIGHT at 6 PM at 1111 W. 6th Street in the Board Auditorium.  Citizens Communication is at the beginning so, no need to stay the whole time. The next meeting will be held on December 18th.  

General Development Update – Greg Weaver

Trees transplanted to Paggi Park
  • HEB projects a grand opening date of June 21st, 2013.  That’s right folks, it’s so close you can almost smell it!
  • One of the existing trailers at Mueller will be opening up shop in the Marker District!  Official announcement pending.
  • Berkman & Barabara Jordan should punch through January 2013.
  • The second phase of lots for new homes in Section 6 should be ready before the end of the year and the builders will continue with sales and construction.
  • Trees from various location in Mueller have been transplanted to Paggi Park (pictured right)
  • AMLI will begin construction 1st Q 2013
  • Austin Playhouse design and plans are underway.  Fundraising efforts continue.
  • AISD Performing Arts Center is due to close on the land 1stQ 2013

Want to talk Mueller? Think you might like to live here?  I’m a Mueller Resident & Realtor and help folks buy & sell homes here.  Hilary Herrin, 512.913.8642,