Mueller Developement Plan Austin

Another success story from the Mueller Silent Market.  The Standard Pacific Moore Hill floor plan at 4021 Camacho that I have been marketing on the Silent Market is now under contract.

There are not too many homes available at the Old Airport these days.  With the next phase of homes quite a few months down the road, resales will continue to be rather valuable.

Even with the onset of Fall (wait, it’s Fall?  It’s HOT outside!) the market has kept a healthy pace. Over the past two months, 7 (of 20) homes have gone under contract through the MLS.  This includes:

  • 1 Standard Pacific Affordable Mueller House Condo
  • 1 Standard Pacific Market Rate Mueller House Condo
  • 1 unit at Greenway Lofts
  • 4 Yard Homes

So, we’ve all heard that Catellus is releasing 221 new lots to builders for sales beginning sometime mid-2012.  One might quickly assume that the bulk of those will be Yard Homes with some Row Home and Garden Home-type product in the mix, similar to the first two phases of Mueller. Actually, they’re stating that of those 221 lots, only 3o of them will be Yard Homes with the remaining to be more dense product.  With the history of sales, you can bet that those Yard Homes will likely be snatched up.

What will be most interesting to see is how the market handles the influx of a rather generous amount of dense product.  Working regularly with buyers in Mueller I have found that one of the biggest mental adjustments for folks tends to be coming to terms with the size of the yard.  The question looms – will it be big enough?  That concern tends to fade as homeowners quickly become accustomed to having their weekends free rather than eaten up by mowing the lawn.  That, and being surrounded by a plethora of green space that we don’t have to take care of ourselves certainly doesn’t hurt.

With the onset of more dense product at Mueller, I have visions of my Chicago days – living in a townhouse in a bustling neighborhood and reaping the benefits of having a dry cleaner, small grocer and restaurants just steps from my front door.

Want to talk Mueller?  Give me a call, Hilary Herrin 913.8642