Meritage Model Home in Mueller AustinSo, there’s an open lot next to the former Meritage Model Home on Antone Street in Mueller Austin. Builders usually build on the lots next to the model last (or close to) for visibility reasons; it makes the model more noticeable when it stands alone rather than in a string of other homes. The David Weekley Model Home on Zach Scott is another good example of this.

Meritage has been sold out of homes in Mueller Austin for some time now and their model is no longer their model, as that home sold, as well. And we aren’t going to see Meritage again in the next phase, at least. So, what’s going on with that empty lot on Antone?

Meritage owns that lot and according to reliable sources, they have recently agreed to build a home on it. Other than that, there is no further information known at this point. We don’t know when, what size, what price, what style etc. In fact, Meritage may not even be prepared to field calls about the lot at this point, but the information is not privileged so, I’m puttin’ it out there.

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** Update: Shortly after I wrote this post Meritage listed the home on the MLS. It is going to be their 1902 plan (3 bed, 3 bath + 2 living). The home went under contract within days.