First it was solar panels, now it is Chevy Volts that we have started to see sprinkle the streets of Mueller Austin.  In order to study the impact of a concentration of electric cars in a community, the Pecan Street Project kicked off it’s Electric Vehicle Research Program in late January of this year, providing 100 Volts for purchase or lease by qualifying Mueller residents. As an incentive, participants will receive a $7,500 cash rebate ($3,000 if lease) from Pecan Street Inc and this is in addition to the current $7,500 rebate from the federal government. If you have an electric vehicle, it would help if you also had a convenient place to charge it, right?  Participants will get a Level 2 (240V) charging station installed in their garage at no charge, plus a fee subscription to Austin’s ChargePoint/Plug-In EVerywhere public charging station program.

Some other interesting tidbits of information about the Volt:

  • With the Level 2 charging station, Volts fully charge in about 3.5 hours for a 35 mile driving range on an average of $1.50 of electricity.
  • The Volt can then travel, on average, an additional 285 miles on gas at 35 miles per gallon.
  • Pecan Street Inc. estimates that over three years, Volt owners can expect to save about $3,500 in operating costs compared to owners of gasoline-powered midsize sedans.
  • To boot, many of the participants will be charging their cars with their rebated rooftop solar panels. How cool is that?

Mueller Austin is well on its way to becoming the densest electric vehicle neighborhood in the country. If you are interested in becoming a part of the community, get in touch and we can talk: Hilary Herrin 512.913.8642,