With all the press on Mueller Austin over the past couple years and particularly more recently, it seems we ought to be getting used to being in the spotlight.  Once again, we are the subject of study – this time for the city of Edmonton, Canada just a few hours north of Calgary (brrrr).

They are in the process of a redevelopment project of their own in the City Centre (of an AIRPORT nonetheless), of which there are many similarities to the Mueller Community. Consequently, they made a trip to Mueller Austin to do some information gathering.

The focus of their redevelopment is on innovative design while building an environmentally sustainable community.  The idea is that this will help Edmonton control urban sprawl while building a family-friendly community in the heart of the city.  Additionally, the redevelopment will increase revenue to the city to help alleviate burden on taxpayers.  You can check out details of their master plan here

As part of the visit I was asked by Catellus to meet with the group, which included the Project Manager, City Planners and Zoning Planners to share two perspectives with them – one as a resident of the community and also, as a Realtor who specializes in buying & selling homes in Mueller Austin.

Throughout our discussion they had particular interest in the following areas:

  • Most popular housing types
  • The particular aspects of the community that bring buyers to Mueller
  • Where Mueller buyers are coming from
  • The culture of the community

In talking to the folks from Edmonton, it occurred to me that it’s kind of crazy that our little (soon-to-be not so little) neighborhood is now reaching out to communities on an international level.  And you can bet that as development continues, so will the public exposure.

I’m a Resident of Mueller as well as a neighborhood Realtor.  I help folks buy & sell homes here, both new construction and resale.  Get in touch to find out the benefits of being one of my clients.  Hilary Herrin, 512.913.8642, hilary@muellersilentmarket.com