Mueller House Six-PlexesStandard Pacific is taking reservations beginning today at 10 AM for their Mueller House six-plex condo units that are being built on Berkman, just around the corner from their 4-plex counterparts on Simond. Similar to the 4-plex condominium units already built and currently under construction, each of these 6-plexes will appear as one large home from the exterior but will be comprised of six single-family condominium units.

There will be 3 market rate and 3 affordable condos in each 6-plex. Market rate prices start at $271.000 for 1571 sq. ft. The largest units start at $302,500 for 1837 sq. ft. Affordable prices start at $171,500 for 1412 sq. ft. The largest units start at $185,000 for 1529 sq. ft.

As expected, looking at the numbers from a pure $/sq. ft. perspective on base pricing, they are showing an increase of approximately $20/sq. ft. for market rate homes. Even with this increase in prices, there is still great value here in these 3-Star Green Rated condo units adjacent to Lake Park & the impending town center. You can view all the features of the homes in the Standard Pacific Neighborhood Brochure.

Some folks are hesitant about the idea of sharing walls. For some, it’s fear of noise and for others it’s a mental adjustment. These housing types, which are very common and popular in other cities around the world, are rather new to Austin and Texas, in general where we tend to have more space and larger lots all to ourselves so, this mental shift is completely understandable. While this type of living is certainly not for everyone, client’s of mine who have “taken a chance” with trying something new have been pleasantly surprised thus far.

If you’re interested in obtaining further information about the Mueller House Condos, feel free to contact me. I can represent you as a buyer’s agent. If we find it isn’t for you, I can help you find what is. Hilary Herrin 913.8642,