Energy-Efficient Green Homes In Muller AustinMuellerites will be interested to know that the Austin Board of Realtors has improved the property information available to buyers, which streamlines listing and searching for energy-efficient and certified Green homes in Austin. With the addition of over 40 fields of data, buyers now have the ability to search for homes with specific Green features. Not only does this benefit the buyer, but sellers as well, as there is now another way to market and promote the features and upgrades of their Green home. As homeowners (& therefore, potential sellers) in Mueller Austin, we want buyers out there to understand all the Green features our homes have to offer.

Check out a sample page of this Energy, Environment & Sustainability document (click to enlarge), which serves as a tool for gathering detailed information on the Green features of your home. Let’s face it – there are a lot of agents out there showing homes and while they have the ability to read from the listing that your home has a Green rating, they don’t really know what that means. So, not only will this help to educate buyers out there shopping for homes, but just as importantly, their agents who we want armed with the best and most complete knowledge of your home so they can help sell it.

These added fields will also help appraisers when it comes to valuing Green home improvements. Typically, many of the features have been included in the description of the property, but there wasn’t anywhere else to indicate the the fact that the home has solar panels, for example. The Property Description isn’t an appropriate search field therefore, making it difficult to pull only homes that share certain features (comparables). As agents begin to populate these new fields, appraisers and the real estate industry alike will have a wealth of new data at our fingertips, which will help us further understand the value the market places on our homes’ Green features.

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