Why Mueller?

“Miller/Mewler”, “tomayto/tomahto” – no matter how you pronounce it, it’s an incredible place to be. As one of the few truly contained urban centers in the city, Mueller offers a walkable, community-driven lifestyle unmatched anywhere else in Austin.


A wide variety of housing types allows for a diverse range of people to live in Mueller. From apartments to townhomes to single-family abodes, there is a place for everyone to call home.


With an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options mere steps away, if they want, residents could avoid driving altogether. Nearby retail ranges from big box/staple shops like Home Depot and HEB grocery to boutique, specialty stores like Lilla & Beth and WhichCraft Beer that overlook one of Mueller’s many parks. The nearly 40 restaurants in the area and weekly farmers’ markets, including fine-dining options like Kyōten Sushiko, make deciding “where?” the most challenging part of dinner. Along with hike & bike trails, pools, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and Thinkery Children’s Museum the opportunities for fun at Mueller are endless.

Vibrant & Active Community

Mueller isn’t the kind of neighborhood where you pull into the garage and never utter a word to your neighbors. Thanks in part by design (the garages are all in the back), but primarily due to the hodgepodge of overwhelmingly social residents, the Mueller neighborhood has fostered a deep sense of community through official and unofficial organized events. Enjoy summer movies nights, potlucks, fitness groups, and book clubs with neighbors as the kids play in shared courtyards, or wander around the historic Browning Hangar on Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings to find the Heart of Texas Pétanque Club playing games (and occasionally offering free lessons!). No matter your passion, Mueller offers like-minded individuals the opportunity to work together and enjoy the things they love.


Only minutes from downtown Austin and the University of Texas, Mueller’s proximity to central Austin can’t be beat.